Australorpe X Rhode Island Red Hen

The newest arrival at Auriga is a Australorpe X Rhode Island Red hen. A great layer who stands out in our flock of pure bred Light Sussex hens. The Light Sussex hens object to the colder weather so this little hen plus a new pure bred Australorpe keep a few eggs rolling in over the coldest months.

Australorpe X Rhode Island Red Hen

Australorpe X Rhode Island Red Hen

Reading Gaol – Chicken Run

We have a big issue with foxes around here so at night or if no one is at home during the day the chooks live in Reading Gaol (I’m an Oscar Wilde fan). The run is totally enclosed even underground with mesh so no one can dig their way in.

Reading Gaol

Chooks set to work clearing weeds

The main vegie garden has an autumn green manure crop germinating so we have set the chooks to work clearing a second garden patch for some winter vegies. It’s heads down, bums up in the northern end of the yard while they weed in the area that was mulched with llama fleece off cuts 2 years ago.