Auriga Llamas Polaris

Welcome to Auriga Llamas Polaris born March 2016. A daughter for The Gem. Large, healthy, drinking lots and racing around the paddock already.

Polaris 1st Day

Auriga Llamas Polaris


Selene and Cassiopeia

A peaceful Christmas to you all from Auriga.

Auriga Llamas - Selene and Cassiopeia

Auriga Llamas Selene and Cassiopeia

Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia

Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia (22)

Welcome to our latest cria Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia born this week to mother Capella and sire: Llama Magic Charlemagne. We love the spots on this pretty girl.

Auriga Llamas Selene

Auriga Llamas SeleneAuriga Llamas Selene

Welcome to Auriga Llamas Selene our first cria for spring 2014. A female with long legs like her mother.

Dam: Llama Magic The Gem; Sire: Burnbrook Quantock.

Cria training – Magellan

Llama Magellan is such a little bloke that when we started training we needed to borrow an alpaca halter.

Cria Training

Cria Training