Auriga Llamas

Auriga Llamas is a family owned and run business, specializing in the breeding of Llamas (Lama glama) for fleece, packing, carting, show, guardian and pet. We love our llamas and encourage others to share in the joy of llama ownership. Llamas make great pets and companions as they are intelligent and respond well to training. You will of course require the space to keep them, and we always encourage people to keep a minimum of two llamas as they are herd animals.

Our property is located in the beautiful Gundaroo district on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.  We manage our property to sustain its natural environmental diversity, and the health and well-being of our llamas.  

We breed our llamas based on a selective breeding  program to maximise health, a gentle temperament and fleece quality. Our llamas are registered with the Australasian Lama Registry and our aim is to breed to conform with the Llama Breed Standard established by the Llama Association of Australasia. We encourage new llama owners to join the association to meet other llama lovers and to learn more about this unique animal.

Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia

Auriga Llamas Cassiopeia