Our first flannel flowers

FIrst Flannel Flower sales for Bolong RIver Produce. Hope there are many more to come.

Bolong River Produce

Our first market stall at St Johns Church Fete Our first market stall at St Johns Church Fete

Incredible exciting…we have just harvested our very first flannel flowers! What’s more they sold out quickly.

After over two years’ of hard work, unexpected disappointments and significant financial investment, the flowers are looking beautiful. Being early in the season there are only a few hundred ‘stems’ available at a time, but by the end of the summer growing period we should have produced many thousands.

Needing to find an outlet suitable for a small quantity we chose our local church fete for our first stand. The size of the ‘audience’ was just right and we were able to test our reactions to our signage, presentation and of course to the flowers themselves.

We had a great morning, with lots of people admiring the flowers and asking about them. And the local newspaper gave us the starring role in their pictorial spread…

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